Sverigetempot 2016 and the Rebirth of the Specialized Sequoia

21 July 2016

Erik Nohlin creater of the AWOL and productdesigner at Specialized always follows a different aproach when it comes to advertising his new bike designs. Just like the AWOL the Sequoia is designed to be a long distance touring bike exept a sligthly shorter wheelbase, tapered headtube and thru-axles. To proof this concept the team around Nohlin is riding the Sverigetempot this year wich starts in the far north of sweden in Riksgränsen to Smygehamn in the very south. The hole tour of 2100km has to be done in 177 hours and yesterday they covered half the distance so long.

The jounrney is accompanied by ertzui film who already did a feature of the transcontinental race 2013 where Erik and his workmate Recep rode from London to Istanbul. If you missed it, watch it here!

To follow up on the progess of the Sverigetempot 2016 check the Instagram of Erik and Ertzui.